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12V 10Ah NiMH Battery Pack for 12V DC Portable Devices / Walking Robot

Item #: TENERGY-11613-EBIKE-12V
Brand: Powerizer
Item #: TENERGY-11613-EBIKE-12V
Brand: Powerizer
12V 10Ah NiMH Battery Pack for 12V DC Portable Devices / Walking RobotFeatures:
  • 12V 10 Ah (10000mAh) NiMH Battery Pack made by 10 pcs high quality NiMH D size cells
  • Max. discharge rate up to 15 A
  • Charging and discharging plug are separated for protecting battery overcharging and power off during discharging
  • Discharging plug is male Standard Tamiya connector (Polarity: Round Negative; Square Positive)
  • Charging plug is male Mini Tamiya connector (Polarity: Round Positive; Square Negative)
  • Choose our Tenergy Multi-Current NiMH/NiCD Smart charger for safe charging
  • The smart charger will auto cut off power when battery is fully charged
  • Perfect for walking robot -- two times running time than NiCd power pack
  • Good for any 12 DC portable device application
  • Dimension: 2. 5" H x 2.5" W x 6.3"
  • Weight: 3.5lb
Note: You may need a connector adapter from mini Tamiya to standard Tamiya to connect a battery charger. You may use this 12V NiMH battery module to make 12V 20Ah NiMH pack by connecting two of these packs in parallel, or make 24V and 36V 10Ah battery packs by a series connection of two or three modules. However, you must charge each 12V module separately to make the connected larger battery pack balanced. NOTICE: Any changes made to the battery will VOID warranty.
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