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Acebeam X80-GT 2 LED Flashlight - 18 x CREE XHP50.3 - 34000 Lumens - Includes 4 x 18650

Item #: ACEBEAM-X80-GT-2
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-X80-GT-2
Brand: Acebeam
  • 34,000 lumen search light with 8+ output modes
  • 498m throw distance ideal for search and rescue
  • Smooth beam reflector for maximum beam distance and output
  • Powered by four high-drain 18650 batteries for long term use

Acebeam X80-GT 2

34,000 Lumen Search Light

Boasting an incredible 34000 lumen output the size of the average soda can, the Acebeam X80-GT 2 is a searchlight that packs a mighty punch. With 18 CREE XHP50.3 LEDs and a smooth reflector, this light has a beam distance that covers up to 498 meters (1,634ft)! The throw on this light makes it the perfect accessory for search and rescue missions or for day-to-day tasks.

Power and Eco Modes

The Acebeam X80-GT 2 has two differing mode outputs: power and eco. The power mode set has the 34,000 lumen output ranging to 220 while the eco mode has a wider spread of output modes starting at 21,000 lumens and ranging to 220 with longer overall runtimes for each mode. These mode sets make the X80-GT great for tactical, law enforcement, self-defense, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Turbo Max Turbo High Med 1 Med 2 Med 3 Low Strobe
Brightness 34,000lumens 17,800lumens 9,400lumens 4,100lumens 2,000lumens 1,250lumens 220lumens 4,100lumens
Runtime 0.01 ↓ 1.25hours 0.03 ↓ 1.5hours 0.06 ↓ 1.5hours 2hours 3.5hours 7hours 34hours 3.5hours
Distance 498meters 329meters 242meters 160meters 124meters 95meters 47meters -
Intensity 61,900candela 27,000candela 16,400candela 6,365candela 3,850candela 2,770candela 550candela -
Turbo Max Turbo High Med 1 Med 2 Med 3 Low Strobe
Brightness 21,000lumens 13,000lumens 6,800lumens 3,200lumens 2,000lumens 1,000lumens 220lumens 4,000lumens
Runtime 0.03 ↓ 2hours 0.06 ↓ 2.25hours 0.1 ↓ 2.5hours 3hours 4hours 8.5hours 34hours 3.5hours
Distance 382meters 285meters 207meters 144meters 124meters 85meters 47meters -
Intensity 36,500candela 20,300candela 10,700candela 5,200candela 3,350candela 1.800candela 550candela -

Powered by 4 x 18650 Batteries

The Acebeam X80-GT 2 has a working voltage of 10V - 16.8V. If the voltage is under to exceeds this range, this light will not operate.
  • Notable Features
  • » Max output of 34,000 lumens for everything from search and rescue to adventuring
  • » 498m (1,634ft) throw thanks to a smooth beam reflector
  • » Tactical knurling on the body provides firm and secure grip
  • » Powered by 4 x 18650 batteries for hours of use
  • » Able to withstand accidental immersion in water up to 30m deep!
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