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Fenix LR80R Darkness Destroyer USB-C Rechargeable LED Searchlight - 6 x Luminus SST70 - 18000 Lumens - Includes 7.2V 12000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: FENIX-LR80R
Brand: Fenix
Item #: FENIX-LR80R
Brand: Fenix
  • 18,000 lumens great for search and rescue ops
  • Far-throwing beam that reaches up to 1,130 meters
  • Intelligent Sensing Circuit downshifts output when objects are within close range
  • Built-in USB-C port charges battery to full in 4 hours

Fenix LR80R

18,000 Lumens and Over 1,000m of Throw!

Be prepared for your search and rescue ops with the Fenix LR80R. This 18,000 lumen output light is capable of throwing light up to 1,130 meters away while remaining a handheld flashlight. Equipped with fast USB-C charging, high lumens, far throw, and an integrated handle, this searchlight is a necessity for any search op.

Using a dual button system, it's easy to switch between high and low output modes thanks to having two distinct switches for both. And since these buttons are close together, it's simple to single-handedly activate your preferred mode. Low mode is ideal for indoor or cave lighting while high is perfect for vast expanses of open land like mountains, valleys, etc.

Intelligent Sensing Circuit

The Fenix LR80R has a built-in intelligent sensing circuit. This circuit dims the light when it gets closer to objects within 60mm. The downshift to eco mode saves battery life so you can keep going and enhances your safety while on extended ops.

Turbo High Med Low
Brightness 18,000lumens 12,000lumens 6,000lumens 3,000lumens
Runtime 2*hours 2.25hours 2.83hours 5.16hours
Distance 1,130meters 920meters 650meters 465meters
Intensity 318,000candela 211,700candela 105,000candela 54,000candela
High Med LowEco Strobe SOS
Brightness 1,000lumens 450lumens 150lumens 50lumens 6,000lumens 150lumens
Runtime 15.66hours 39hours 92hours 300hours - -
Distance 265meters 175meters 105meters 50meters - -
Intensity 17,750candela 7,550candela 2,700candela 590candela - -
Turbo is measured in total runtime including output at reduced levels due to temperature or the heat protection mechansim within the flashlight.
  • Notable Features
  • » 18,000 lumen max output with 1,130 meter throw designed for search and rescue
  • » Intelligent Sensing Circuit downshifts output the closer you get to stationary objects
  • » Built-in USB-C charging port fully recharges battery in 4 hours
  • » LED indicator alerts you to low battery status
  • » 12,000mAh battery pack is capable of providing a 25-day runtime on Eco mode
  • » Go hands-free with the included shoulder strap or mount using the tripod socket
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