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Klarus TRC1 Remote Pressure Switch for the XT11GT-PRO and XT2CR-PRO

Brand: Klarus
Brand: Klarus
  • Interface provides quick access to instant ON and One-Touch Strobe
  • Made from weatherproof, high strength silicone that's durable for over 100,000 clicks
  • Extendable cable thanks to a spiral coil design
  • Compatible with Klarus XT11GT Pro and XT2CR Pro flashlights

Klarus TRC1

Tail Adapter Style

The Klarus TRC1 is the latest remote pressure switch designed for the XT11GT Pro and XT2CR Pro. With a dual-switch tail cap interface, the TRC1 uses the tail cap switch for instant ON and output adjustments while the MODE switch grants access to One-Touch Strobe. Easily activate your most used modes even while not directly holding your light.

Made from a durable, high quality silicone material, this remote switch is durable for over 100,000 clicks! Great for law enforcement, hunters, and more, this remote pressure switch pairs perfectly with your favorite Klarus lights. Plus, thanks to a spiral coil design, the cable is extendable making it the perfect match for various barrel lengths.

  • Notable Features
  • » 11.8" extendable cable for a wide selection of tactical scenarios
  • » Durable for over 100,000 clicks thanks to cable switches made from high stength silicone
  • » Dual switch panel offers easy access to constant on, mode outputs, and one-touch strobe
  • » Compatible with the XT11GT Pro and XT2CR Pro
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