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Panasonic Eneloop BK-3MCCA-8BA AA 2000mAh 1.2V Low Self Discharge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Button Top Batteries - 8 Pack Retail Card

Brand: Panasonic
Brand: Panasonic

Panasonic Eneloop AA 8 Pack

2000mAh NiMH low self-discharge rechargeable batteries

Crank up the power on your home electronics with the long lasting and reliable energy source that is the Panasonic Eneloop, a AA sized rechargeable battery that leaves single use primary batteries in the dust. Eneloop AA are not only rechargeable but Low Self-Discharge, meaning they can be left for extended periods of time without losing charge; perfect for remote controls! The batteries and packaging are recyclable and with roughly 2100 Charge Cycles, Eneloop are the ideal choice for going green with your energy use. This pack includes 8 AA sized Eneloop batteries that are packaged in a detailed retail card.

  • Pre-charged and ready to use
  • Factory charged using solar energy
  • 2000mAh energy capacity
  • Low self-discharge
  • Maintains 70% of full charge for up to 10 years
  • No memory effect - can be recharged at any time
  • Recharges up to 2100 times
  • Compatible with any quality NiMH charger
  • Fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 50.4mm
    • Diameter: 14.35mm
    • Weight: 27g
  • Made in Japan
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