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Power-Sonic Power-Gel DCG12-100 100Ah 12V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - T11 Terminal

Item #: POWERSONIC-DCG12-100-T11
Brand: Power-Sonic
Item #: POWERSONIC-DCG12-100-T11
Brand: Power-Sonic

Power-Sonic DCG12-100 Power Gel Battery 12-Volt 100-AH T11 Terminal

Change the way you move through the power you use.

Many pieces of equipment require portable power options with little maintenance, and long shelf life. Power-Sonic's Power-Gel Series Rechargeable Lead Acid batteries meet these requirements, offering safe, reliable power housed in ABS plastic. These VRLA batteries deliver steady, reliable power and offer a good charge retention. Free from dangerous gas and possible spills, these SLA batteries provide the necessary power for professional and recreational vehicles every time.

Power-Gel Technology

Improved electrolyte performance thanks to gel-based innovation

Power-Gel technology fills the battery pack, creating a safer power experience. Thick gel holds electrolytes in place, ready for use by consumers. In the event of a crack or drop, the gel will prevent any leakage or gas discharge. Thixotropic gel electrolyte speeds up the power delivery process, for an overall better battery experience.

Power-Sonic Pros

Power-Sonic SLA batteries are built by the best, for the best.

Built by the best, all Power-Sonic VRLA batteries contain premiere craftsmanship and chemistry. Inside Power-Sonic's labs and manufacturing plants, highly-trained professionals prepare each battery to live up to time-honored quality and excellence standards that Power-Sonic has come to be known by. Installed in a floor machine or a golf cart, Power-Sonic Sealed Lead Acid batteries produce power steadily and consistently until the next charge is needed.


  • Thixotropic gel electrolyte improves overall performance
  • Regulated valves prevent gas leaks, and spill-proof design protects against hazardous waste
  • Optimal energy density from great power/volume ratio
  • ABS Plastic Case (UL94-HB) created for tough, constant use.
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A. and C.A.B. certified
  • U.L. recognized under file number MH 20845
  • CE compliant


  • Chemistry:SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
  • Terminal Type: T11
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 Volts (6 Cells)
  • Nominal Capacity:
    • 20-Hour (5.0A to 10.8V)........ 100.0 Ah
    • 10-Hour (9.3A to 10.5V)......... 93.0 Ah
    • 5-Hour (16.0A to 10.5V)......... 80.0 Ah
    • 3-Hour (24.5A to 10.5V)......... 73.5 Ah
    • 1-Hour (55.0A to 10.0V)......... 55.0 Ah
  • Energy Density (20-Hour Rate): 1.53 W-h/in³ (93.19 W-h/l)
  • Specific Energy (20-Hour Rate): 16.59 W-h/lb (36.57 W-h/kg)
  • Internal Resistance (approx.): 5.5 milliohms
  • Shelf Life (% of nominal capacity at 68°F (20°C)):
    • 1 Month ......... 97%
    • 3 Months ........ 91%
    • 6 Months ........ 83%
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    • Charge: -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C)
    • Discharge: -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.99" x 6.81" x 8.66" (330mm x 173mm x 220mm)
  • Approximate Weight: 68.00 lbs. (30.8 kg)
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