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Smart charger for Dual Li-Ion Button Cells 3.6V LIR 2032

Item #: POWERIZER-CH-UNCE001-2032
Brand: Powerizer
Item #: POWERIZER-CH-UNCE001-2032
Brand: Powerizer
Only for charging RECHARGEABLE Li-Ion LIRCR2032 - do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable/primary batteries! Features
  • Clip fits all of your 3.6V LIR 2032 rechargeable battery
  • Two sockets fits 2032 button cells
  • Automatically cut off power when battery is fully charge.
  • Safe and reliable (miniature switch power supply)
Technical Specification:
  • Worldwide Power: 110-240V AC input 50/60Hz
  • Output Current: AC =< 60mA for two cells
  • Charging time:  1 hours for two LiR2032 cells
  • Electrification Current: DC 250mA +/- 50mA
  • Electrification Limited Voltage: DC 2.8-8.7V
  • Auto cut off power when battery is full.
  • Lightweight: 2 oz.
  • Cautions: Must charge two button cells together, otherwise, charging current is too high
Instruction for charging:
  • Connect charger to AC power (no battery inserted)
    • Power LED - Red
    • Charge LED - Off
  • Insert battery - Positive (+) face up (charging condition) Must charge 2 batteries at a time
    • Power LED - Red
    • Charge LED - Multi-Color
  • When batteries Fully charged
    • Power LED - Red
    • Charge LED - Off
Extra Features
  • Smart charger: Stops and detects incorrect polarity. Stop charging when battery is fully charged
  • Travel package: Small and compact. (3.5" x 2.0" x 1.5")
PLEASE NOTE: The above image is slightly different from the available product. The manufacture has made minor cosmetic changes. Specs, size, and color remain the same. These units do not include instructions (see below for operation instructions).
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