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Titanium Innovations CR123A (2PK) 1600mAh 3V 3A Lithium Primary (LiMNO2) Button Top Photo Batteries, 2 Pack Rapid Reload Shrink - 2-Pack Retail Card

  • Trusted and reliable; consistently rated as a top customer pick for LED flashlights
  • Shrink wrapped in packs of 2 for Rapid Reload action
  • Superior 1,600mAh capacity means longer runtimes and less frequent battery changes
  • State-of-the-art automated production lines ensure the highest quality and safety protections

What's New:

Longer Lasting

Significantly increased capacity means longer runtimes and less frequent battery changes

Improved Chemistry

Improved safety and optimization for both high and low drain devices

Optimized Engineering

State-of-the-art automated production lines result in maximum quality

Temperature Tolerances

From -40°F up to 158°F provides industry-leading performance for outdoor devies
Interesting in knowing more? Get all the details on the new Titanium Innovations CR123A batteries here.

Titanium Innovations CR123A

3 Volt Lithium Battery

The Titanium Innovations CR123A is the world's finest lithium battery, bringing together power, reliability and high value. Compared to competing batteries, Titanium CR123s have the best value and performance in LED flashlights and similar high drain devices. Each of these lithium cells has a 10 Year Shelf Life, which allows them to be kept in storage for emergencies or future use. With 3 Volts of power, these batteries are ideal for flashlights, cameras and security systems that require reliable high-voltage. A 1600mAh capacity provides long lasting power in both high and low-drain devices, netting extra long runtimes for your vital electronics. And with integrated PTC Protection (Positive Thermal Coefficient) Titanium CR123As prevent short circuits or over discharging, making them safe to use in any CR123 compatible device.

Rapid Reload Shrink Wrap

This set of CR123A batteries is packaged for your convenience in a serialized two cell shrink wrap. The pair of batteries can be taken straight from the package and dropped directly into any LED flashlight (or similar device) that runs on two CR123A, saving you valuable time in the workplace or tactical scenarios. If just a single battery is needed, the shrink wrapping can easily be snapped in half and discarded. Thanks to the 10 year shelf life the extra can be saved for use whenever you need it. Please note that while in the shrink wrapped configuration, the battery pack provides six total volts.

Rapid Reload

Titanium Innovations CR123A batteries are shrink wrapped in series of two with our unique Rapid Reload system. Don't waste time grabbing for individual batteries!

Certified and UL Recognized!

Titanium CR123A batteries are RoHS compliant and have the following certifications: UN(38.3 T1-T8), UL(MH47680), CE, & SGS.
  • Notable Features
  • » Shrink-wrapped for rapid reload to power lights instantly
  • » Split in two for individual use
  • » Built-in PTC protection keeps battery safe from over discharge and short circuiting
  • » Brand new look and packaging

Caution: CR123A lithium batteries are primary batteries and not rechargeable. Inserting a CR123A or any primary lithium battery into a charger may cause severe damage to both the battery and charger.
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